Our ambition: bring peace of mind to business owners

We work for a world where every entrepreneur accesses the tools she needs to grow a sustainable business and take care of her family

Even more than respect, it is admiration that we feel for the entrepreneurs and independent workers. They represent 90% of companies in Mexico and most families in the country rely on them. They show that it is still possible to be a owner, working with freedom and pride.
They are what makes our streets alive, building social ties. They are part of our heritage and culture. We know about their vulnerability, how anxious they are in today's marketplace. We know that what they need is peace of mind.
This is why KiWi was born.


An App

that helps entrepreneurs keep up in today's market-place

A Community

of 149,324
KiWi entrepreneurs, who have done
transactions with peace of mind.


A company
created in 2015

We are a proud member of

The global NGO promoting a more positive and inclusive economy

The Swiss public-private development partnership to scale up financial inclusion

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